Getting Input

Okay,  today wasn't all that bad. 

I honestly thought that we had to present as a group but that wasn't the case today. 

We all ended up doings things a little differently today; which was allowing members from other groups to play our game. Members were broken off into categories which was an interesting approach. 

Once the first member played our game, giving us very good feedback and actually laughing as he played. 

It was a great start to know that my group has made it on the comedy factor, I felt like we are in the right place!  

Even the professor seemed to have a good time just by observing the playthrough. 

There was good things but there were things that could be improved on. During the second playtest, we've ran into a couple of bugs with the animation. 

I've  as well as the playtesters noticed that the Dullahan was "moon-walking" whenever the dullahan would make contact with one of the obstacles. 

With throwing the head and getting close to the last obstacle, the head and the body would just "sink into the floor". I as well as the playtesters were a bit surprised and mind boggled while trying to discover what was causing these little bugs. 

Get Dullahan Dan

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