One Obstacle Down....More In Progress.

So far so good, 

My group and I presented our game, the structurally complete version and it went smoothly. 

There were no major changes but there was always room for improvement. 

So far we received good feedback on what to add and how we can make this more of a comedic game. With the feedback from my peers and from the professor, there were many good ideas to incorporate when it came to the suspicion meter and how we can make it fun and not too challenging. I do think we should stick to the original build where the head was teetering  all around so that the Dullahan can balance its head around. 

Another good idea was to have head puns towards the game over screen with the idea of having the Dullahan either on the news or someones social media page.  

With all of those ideas, the professor's input and some other ideas that we can retouch base on I strongly believe we can pull this game out to it's potential.

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Jan 17, 2018
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Jan 17, 2018

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